Health Integration Program

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26 Central headquarters

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The Health Integration Program is at 26 Central serving needy psychological clients. This program is mainly for Somerville and Cambridge residents. There are many groups covering a whole host of helpful recovery tools.

Before this integration program came into being; Psychiatric illnesses were treated with medication, talk therapy and a few groups. Recently the staff at 26 Central came up with a new bunch of groups covering many situations that could only help clients recover more quickly.

To start; there is a closapine meditation medication group. This medicine is an antipsychotic medication which is widely prescribed for clients with a psychotic illness either currently or with a history. This group gives an opportunity for Socialization and promotion of overall health. The group leaders assist clients with streamlining healthcare , monitoring blood labs and offers incentives for those who work toward healthy goals.

It seems that smoking goes along with a mental health diagnosis.There is an HIP group called Breathe Easy .Another name for it is a  smoking cessation group Mostly its an open group for patients with current or past history of psychosis They give education about both the health and financial effects of smoking. They help participants learn learn about their habits. They teach skills that help people prepare to quit or better yet, yet limit their nicotine use.

Healthy Together is the mane of a group that helps clients meet their goals for better health. Discussions are about barriers, plans and hopes to lose weight, exercising more, eating healthy, sleeping better and stressing less. Nutrition, education, motivation, group support, skill building, and movement are incorporated into weekly meeting times, patients will be given fitness trackers called fit bits to monitor weekly exercise.

Another helpful group is simply called the Wellness Group. This is a group which focuses on building wellness through mindfulness, movement and other health life style skills. Each session there is wellness activity and talk about nutrition, exercise, and many other ways to stay well. Look for part 2 in November writing.