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Football is responsible for more injuries than all of the three other major sports combined. Especially, the children who play football also have too many injuries. Thankfully, players in these times have to be removed from games if they suffer a head injury; mainly a concussion.

So, what can we do about all of this. In North Cambridge, Kellie and Stephanie started up a flag football organization. As you walk towards the football field at russell field in North Cambridge, you see a banner large enough, so there is no way you can miss it. It seems to be shouting at you. it is a canvas banner with large letters which reads "Cambridge Youth Flag Football League.So it was a Saturday, which is when all the practices and scrimmages take place. It was a perfect crisp autumn day. It was a cool, but not cold, It was mild, but not warm.

The field flag football is played on is the home field of the high school team; The Falcons of Cambridge Rindge and Latin. However the games are  played on seventy yards of the field instead of the normal 100 yards. In flag football in Cambridge the children are split up in four divisions. third grade and under is one division. Fourth grade is another division. Children in the fifth grade account for a third division. Sixth grade to eighth grade round up the last division.

Flag football is where the players wear straps which must be pulled off to stop the player from gaining any yardage. Flag football is physically different than tackle football because there is very little contact. Taking away the flag replaces knocking a child down to the ground. Another difference is that flag football does not employ any tyye of kicking whatsoever. No punts, no field goals, and no kick offs.

I seemed to me by watching the players  scrimmage that emphasis was put on athleticism and not brute strength. Oh, there are penalties, but most of them are procedure penalties, called to keep the players organized. One example is that if a players shirt is not completely tucked in a penalty is called. The penalty is five yards against the team which committed the penalty.

Flag football has a booklet of rules regarding equipment, timing, and overtime. also coaches, running, passing and receiving. The rule I chose to talk about is unsportsmanlike conduct, because it is the most important for a young  player to know.

No tackling, elbowing or blocking will be tolerated. The player will be ejected. Offensive or confrontational language will result in a warning for the first offense and an eviction if it happens again. Players may not physically or verbal abuse any opponent,coach, or official. Fans must also adhere to good sportsmanship as well.