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Cambridge Woman Talks Life in America vs. China

The following is an essay written by Qi Zhong, a student enrolled in a Level 4 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) class at Cambridge Community Learning Center.

Before I moved to the United States, I thought this country had more freedom and no plotting against each other. Also it was easy to find a job. And the United States was more modern and clean.

After I moved to the United States, I thought many things were simple. For example: make hamburger just two breads , vegetable or tomato, cheese, and meat put together; train was old and train station built very simply with no more protective measures; daily diet was not on time for everyday, just if you hungry you can eat food; and houses were old, some houses were more than 100 years old. Also the United States didn’t have many high-rises. Only in downtown had many high-rises for each city. In the United States, some cities were modern, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And some cities were classical, like Boston, Philadelphia, Staunton, and Bethlehem. Also some streets were clean and some small corners were dirty. For students, they had a very short time in school. Some workers also had a short time on job.

After living 14 months in the United States, my thoughts have changed. Now I think everywhere is different to find a job, including the United States. But in the United States there aren’t people who will laugh at you when you are a waiter, waitress or cleaner that is different in China. In the United States the house is strong so that is why people can use more than 100 year old house. Also in the United States many people have tattoos and nobody thinks who has tattoo is a bad person. This is different opinion in China.

Hear more from Qi and other ESOL students in Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 22: Immigrant Stories here: https://vimeo.com/198399666