Engendered Opening Reception


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CAMBRIDGE – Lesley University Bachelor of Fine Arts students were invited to create and showcase art pieces revolving around the theme of gender and to generate continued dialogue about gender.

The show’s name, Engendered, is a verb defined as giving rise to a feeling, situation or condition. The artists featured took this prompt and created a vast array of pieces from a variety of mediums including clay, photography, video and fabric.

Blu Tucker, a senior counseling major at Lesley University, showcased their series of four clay forms titled “Feeling Dysphoric.”

The pieces combine wheel-throwing and hand building techniques and were inspiring from the feelings of gender dysphoria that Tucker experiences as a transgender individual.

“The idea is that the figures are being forced to conform,” Tucker says. The faceless figures are contorted into uncomfortable positions. The three-dimensional forms of the figures represent the figures trying to physically escape the mold, though in this state they ultimately cannot.

Tucker uses the bright, “fun” colors of the figures to exemplify how queer people are stereotyped to be “fun-loving” and how that really is not always the case because of all the hardships and prejudices queer people face.

Jory Cherry, a junior fine arts major at Lesley, created a slab sculpture self-portrait as an assignment for a class and felt their piece was a good fit for this show as it also grapples with the trans narrative.

Their original project design was originally going to be two full-body self-portraits, one being a more realistic depiction of themself, the other being more exaggerated and have them facing each other. Cherry wanted to overemphasize the distinguishing “gender markers” and have a body that possesses all the features.

Cherry preferred the more exaggerated self-portrait to the more realistic one and only submitted the exaggerated portrait to Engendered.

Engendered is a provocative and thought-provoking show that will be up in Raizes Gallery in the Lunder Arts Center at 1801 Massachusetts Ave until April 5.