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Lynch Family Skatepark destined to play vital role in Cambridge community

Skateboarding around the streets of the Boston-Cambridge area receives a fair amount of negative attention. As skateboarders creatively use structures on owned properties, they are often told to go away or end up in danger of violations.

As of November 14th, the long awaited, Lynch Family Skatepark near North Point Park in Cambridge is fully open to the public. What was a dream for sculptor, Nancy Schon in the early 2000’s, is now a reality for skateboarders, bikers, and inline skaters to enjoy. The Park is located along the Charles River in East Cambridge and offers an impressive view of the city skyline, the Zakim Bridge, and intertwining highways ramps.

The park maintenance has been handed over to the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation after being born through the Charles River Conservancy. The design of the park took recommendations from local skateboarders, professionals, and influence from skate spots around the greater Boston area. The construction was carried out by ValleyCrest Landscape Development, California Skateparks, and with the help of Vans.

The park was designed to be one of the largest skateparks in America and contains features to appeal to skateboarders of all levels and interests. As it incorporates three different sized bowls, rails, boxes, stairs, transitional elements, and a good amount of open space, it is hard to not be inspired to ride around and get creative.

It is clear that this park space is making a positive footprint as you watch people floating through the park, smiling with their friends and fellow riders. During the weekends, it is packed tight with people of all ages seeking the same enjoyment and dedication. Skateboarding is a positive and creative force that ties together people of different ages and backgrounds, making the Lynch Family Skatepark a very important piece to the Boston and Cambridge community.