Christos is a Cobbler


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Established in 1913, Felix Shoe Repair in Harvard Square remains necessitous even in this era of cheaply made, disposable shoe and clothing-wear.

Of course there is not an all day hustle & bustle at Felix’s, but on the occasions that I was in the shop, the proprietor Christos Soillis, had a lot more business on his hands than I would have excepted. It was heel and zipper repairs that seemed to be the most common.

Soillis is a charming man who is Greek born and has spent most of his adult life working as a cobbler in Harvard Square. He sometimes works 16 hours a day, making a modest sum, but earning enough to live on. He is the kind of old school, old-country gentleman that you want to absorb and take in, before it exists no more.

Amazingly, finding a shoe repair shop in Cambridge is not hard. A Google search lists six different businesses, which is less than the seven that used to be in Harvard Square in the seventies.