Christmas Celebration

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Inman Square apartments

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The Wednesday before Christmas twas actually December 20th, 2017; and the  Inman Square apartments held their annual Christmas Holiday Party. The management who puts on this gala affair outdoes themselves year after year. The community room located on the top floor of this apartment building was where this festive occasion was held.

When you get off of the elevator you enter into the well decorated space. There is Christmas all over the place. Every table was covered with green Holiday Tablecloths. A wise choice of color as green is a prominent Christmas color. Every table had a Holiday Momento in the center of the table. On the wall there was a mural with so many decorations, such as stockings, a fake fireplace and an enormous Christmas Tree. Speaking of Christmas Trees there was an artificial tree at the end of the hall with presents near it that were to be presented to the children who were in attendance on this joyous evening.

Next it was time for everyone's favorite, You guessed it the meal. So everyone lined up a table at a at time for the scrumptious Holiday Dinner. There was so much food to begin with. They started us off with carrots and green beans. Next yams and sweet potatoes took up a healthy part of the  plate. Ham and roast beef were to finish off this delicious holiday feast.

In the corner of this room there was a table with all the drinks that you could ask for; to wash down the Christmas dinner, such as sprite, ginger ale, sparkling water. bottled water, apple juice to name a few. Now what is missing? Yeah, i've got it; the ever popular deserts. Blueberry Pie and apple pie to be made a la mode with vanilla ice cream. Also many multi-colored cupcakes which went very fast.The large sheet cake with christmas decorations topped off this wonderful meal. Now, as is a always the case, it was, time for the raffles. There were prizes given away such as chocolates; Dunkin Donuts, gift certificates and a $25 gift card. The best gift was raffled last. IT was a $50 gift card.

All that was left was for the toys to be given out. Trucks, sporting goods and dolls headlined the giveaways. So kudos to Stacy, Lorraine, and Tashira for putting on a such a magnificent party. Mr. Daly and Jane from HRI were the dignitaries serving the food. 

Actually the party was started early in the day when 2 Elves, dresses in black came to give haircuts to those that needed