Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 28: The Cambridge Brand

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Say the name Cambridge and it immediately evokes a unique image and culture. The Cambridge around us is a far cry from the manufacturing days of the 1950s, or the counterculture days of the 1970s and '80s. New development, soaring real estate costs, and a high-tech economic base are changing the face of Cambridge. But is it more than the face of Cambridge that has changed? In this episode of Cambridge Uncovered, we look at Cambridge through the decades with those who lived it and those who helped shape it: What is the Cambridge brand? correspondent Kristina Kehrer and Cambridge City Councilor Tim Toomey lead us off, followed by a conversation between Harvard Square author Mo Lotman and citizen journalist Johnny Berosh. CCTV intern Dalinda Ifill-Pressat then engages with former Mayor Ken Reeves, and Cambridge resident Lisan Mo talks with fellow Cantabrigians Sarah Francis, Cheryl Brown and Kiki Densamo about Cambridge changes.

This episode was produced by students enrolled in CCTV's "Cambridge Uncovered" class, taught by journalist Heather Aveson.