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I have watched, religiously, the CBS reality television show SURVIVOR, since it began in 2000. While watching 30-plus seasons, I acquired a long list of behind-the-scenes questions that could probably be answered via the Internet. But perusing the web is not my style. If possible, I like to go to a real live source. And for all silly questions pondered, I had a “real live source” right down the street at the East Cambridge firehouseJeremy Collins, winner of SURVIVOR: CAMBODIA.

Collins was on SURVIVOR twice and he won a million dollars on his second appearance. He grew up in Cambridge and has been a firefighter for sixteen years. Chatting with him was a pleasurable, affable, and informative affair. And then there was the real thrill of hanging out at the firehouse for a couple of hours.

I had thirty-five questions, so here are a few highlights if you can’t make it through the whole video:

  • American Major League Baseball pitcher, John Rocker, is not a racist?!
  • Contestants on SURVIVIOR make more money than most reality television stars.
  • Body order is not as bad as you would think.
  • Paranoia is the name of the game.