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A Cambridge Scribe

Buff is and always will be an accomplished writer who believes that even though one could be a struggling artist, one still must embrace their passion, and Buff certainly does embrace his writing passion. So we sat together to talk about life and how his writing influences that life. Most people have a person place or thing which aspires him. Buff's life was no different. He accepted his inspiration from his third grade teacher when he was a small child. She told Buff by complimenting him in front of the class "There is one boy in here who is by far the best writer in this class". As he shared this with me, one could tell that he still felt the pride and happiness she brought to his life that day.
Buff works very hard on his writing and has been published in John Hopkins Medical Journal. The scout magazine accepted his poetry in their Website. He also anonymously contributed to the State House. I asked him to tell me what subject we enjoyed writing is spiritual in nature, and that it goes anywhere from sublime to a-ha moments and that he is happy writing about general goodwill to people. Buff's favorite writer is Joe Fitzgerald who writes for the Boston Herald Newspaper. Mr. Fitzgerald is a sports writer who Buff compliments by saying that his writing brings sunshine on a cloudy. He also praised him one whose writing is firm yet gentle.
Buff likes to write about sports. He chooses football because in this game, there is always a story within a story. This type of writing helps beginners learn. Even though he is working hard on writing a book, he prefers writing on a variety of subjects. He declares that writing a book is very grueling. On the negative side of writing he doesn't like the Them vs. Us or sensationalism. Buff looks at writing as being largely therapeutic. With strong wisdom, he says "That all art is an extension of self to share with the world. I asked him to close out with some encouraging remarks to young writers. He said "one should immerse themselves in all subjects while looking at everything from every possible angle.