"Bubble Day" Brings Lesley Community Together


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Bubbles, Goldfish crackers, lollipops and hula-hoops do not appear to be a recipe for a college event, however, Lesley University’s “Bubble Day” had all that and more available on the Doble quad April 9.

Lesley students Alex Dimauro, senior, and Julia Fagundes, freshman, organized the event with the Office of Student Activities. The two met in fall 2017 when Fagundes joined the women’s Cross Country team, of which Dimauro was team captain.

“We both have a zest for life and bubbles,” Dimauro said.

Dimauro got the idea at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston this spring when she found a bottle of bubbles on the ground.

“I just figured bubbles are great, so why don’t we have everyone blow bubbles one day? And we decided, why not just have a Bubble Day, so that everyone can have the experience and joy of blowing bubbles?” Dimauro said.

“I went with Alex when she bought 10 bottles of bubbles, and then we were just talking and blowing bubbles, and came to the conclusion that we needed Lesley University to blow bubbles together,” Fagundes said.

The event took place on the Doble Campus quad from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and provided passing students, faculty and staff a place to take a break and do something out of the ordinary. Participants were encouraged to play with bubbles, hula-hoops and PlayDough, and even take a small bottle of bubbles with them.

“We’re just blowing bubbles together and having a great time,” Fagundes said.

One passerby who stopped to participate was senior Zaina Mahmoud. Mahmoud got into the event, and decided to play some music on her phone to liven the festivities.

“It definitely boosted my spirits,” Mahmoud said.

Fagundes said she wanted Bubble Day to be an opportunity to relieve stress and and take a break from reality.

“To anyone who calls it childish, I would say that’s part of the whole idea, to just be silly and be childish for a minute. Just let that nostalgia take over for a second, and enjoy it,” Dimauro said. “The nostalgia and the visuals of it are a beautiful, simple thing.”

“Isn’t it fun to be childish and silly sometimes?” Fagundes said.

Dimauro anticipates graduation in May 2018, while Fagundes is in the class of 2021.

“Oh, I definitely will keep Bubble Day alive, there’s gonna be more,” Fagundes said.

The two hope to hold another bubble-related event in early May.