Boston Fashion Week comes to Cambridge to Share Positivity


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Small Group Purposes Good while Nevada Gunman Commits Evil

One event has ended but our efforts are ongoing

One event has ended but our efforts are ongoing.

While millions gathered in Las Vegas were terrorized by a lone gunman purposed to do evil, a small band of “Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things” gathered Sunday October 1, 2017 for good to Inspire-Engage Innovate in Cambridge, MA for Boston Fashion Week.  People traveled from as far as Washington, DC to be a part of this Opening Day Experience.   The purpose was to use fashion as a platform of outreach and inclusion.

Domestic terrorism has become a weekly occurrence.  This phenomenon is not new, but it continues to be difficult to diagnose a remedy or discover a predisposition, precursor or predictor of its occurrence. This latest slaughter of citizens was not random.  Their murders were meticulously planned and premeditated. The people that were injured or murdered were as unsuspecting as we all continue to be. There is just no way of knowing everything that will happen in our future.  Being reactive is inevitable.

However, to equip us to be somewhat proactive, I propose a few things that we can do. While there is no way to predict, or prevent such travesties; to thwart such activities we can start with the following changes:

1.       Change our actions – connect with family, friends, associates more regularly.  Reduce isolation tendencies in ourselves and others.  Reclusive behavior can sometimes lead to clouded thinking.

2.       Change our minds – join a group of positive people doing positive things; increase civic engagement; take a course or class on inclusivity; learn about truth and love; love your neighbor

3.       Volunteer – put your money and movement where your mouth is.  We can no longer afford to be armchair quarterbacks in the “game of life”.  Participation of mind, body, soul is imperative

4.       Dial back “breaking news” and the repetitive bombardment of media; whether in television, film, or social media. Too much of anything is not good.  The divisive nature of our political system, and the propulsion of propaganda to promote private agendas is overwhelming.  Even the strongest people in our society are seemingly being driven to acts of insanity; states of hopelessness. We must pray for strength, protect truth, and maintain sanity, mental stability and good mental health.

5.       Stand strong together – a house divided cannot stand.  Period

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things continue to produce and promote positivity in media using a message of hope, peace, and love. We understand that no one is exempt from tragedy, whether it be nine people kneeling to pray at bible study in Charleston, SC or 2 million people standing at a country music festival in Las Vegas, NV.  We must be accountable one to another.  We must maximize the spread of positivity using multiple media platforms to reach the recluse, isolated, the non-included neighbor contemplating the weightier matters of life. 

There is no quick fix. 

There is only hope that changes for good will continually outweigh the bad.

Stay encouraged, stay strong.

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