Beyond the Couch

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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Life Beyond the Couch

  • Couch potato?
  • Couch Potato?
  • Couch potato?
  • Couch potato?
Are you a couch potato contributing to the nightmare of life?

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I pause to reflect on why. 

Superficially we remember his humanitarian efforts, his walk with Gandhi, talks with Malcolm, negotiations with nations and presidents, and his humble beginnings of marching and breaking bread with everyday people like you and me.  His life was truly a testament to what it means to "love thy neighbor".

Subconsciously, what's going on in our minds?

Somewhere nestled between our jubilation and indignation we remember the injustices that he preached against.

Do we remember the hope of his dream?

Do we really understand that WE are the change agents, keepers of the holy grail of love, mercy, forgiveness, and brotherly love?

Yes, you and me.

Somewhere hanging in the balance between the superficial and subconscious lies the mirror of right and wrong. 

Subconsciously we may think that there is no harm in voyeuristically doing nothing. 

This type of thinking is harmful in itself. 

Just as the physical body needs stimulation and exercise our mental and spiritual being needs stimulation and exercise as well. 

Spiritual and mental stimulation adds value to our self worth, our ability to interact with others, as well as enhances our intellectual growth by building our critical and strategic thinking skills.

We are forced to look into this mirror every time we watch the news, visit our Facebook page, read or write a tweet, sit down to dinner with family, or simply breathe the same air as another human being.

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you see someone strong and healthy from helping to make the dream happen or do you see a "couch potato" who is weak and overindulged contributing to the continual nightmare?

You can make a difference.  Stand up.  Go outside. Talk to people. At least it's a start.