Bee In The City

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With Josh and Dennis

I know of two beehives in my neighborhood, which is good considering the buzz on bees is they are in danger of extinction.

The busy little bees not only feed us, but they are also moneymakers for the global agricultural industry. “According to a  2016 United Nations report, pollinators drive up to almost 600 billion dollars a year in income globally.” (

There seems to be some mystery as to why the bee population is declining in such rapid numbers, but there is consensus that some of the contributing factors are pesticides, monocrop agriculture (corn), climate change, invasive species, and a change to native habitats.

An interesting note is, “rapid urban development limits the foraging habitats of the honeybee.” So for every luxury condominium project that gets erected in the city of Cambridge, a few more bees lose their way and their life.

But people like Josh and Dennis are doing their part in keeping the bees a-buzzing. They have successfully operated a hive for two years. I got the pleasure of filming them inspect their backyard beehive, but did not actually see the honey harvest. Curious about that process, I searched YouTube and found that it is just a matter of scraping the honey off the beehive frames.

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