Baseball season springs upon Cambridge


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One thing I love about my life in Cambridge is I get to be a Little League baseball coach. It’s something I’ve been doing now for 10 years! Living here since I was 13 years old, I’ve had the blessings to be right across the river from Fenway Park, the home of the baseball icon, the Boston Red Sox. Growing up in Cambridge, my friends and I all had favorite players to emulate and cheer on.

Luis Tiant and Carl Yastrzemski were two players that I followed closely.

Cambridge people say it’s all about Harvard and MIT. You couldn’t tell by me and my friends. We, just beginning our teen years, had to face so much. High school was on the horizon and we had to deal with changes in our minds and bodies.

Baseball was something to keep us afloat. Cheering on the Red Sox by television, or (better than anything) actually going to a game, was the greatest thrill we would have at that time of our lives. Luis Tiant and Carl Yastrzemski will go down in my Hall of Fame.

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