Anthony Mosley


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“Just a Kid from Cambridge”

When I saw my first one, I thought it was a sweatshirt that CRLS was handing out to the kids in one of its clubs. But then I started seeing more of them and not just on teenagers, but also on people of all ages. I am referring to the t-shirt/sweatshirt that proudly reads “Just a Kid from Cambridge.”

I have been intrigued by this message from the first moment I saw it. From my perspective it was a political message in response to the great changes that are unfolding in Cambridge. The severe changes in demographics and the visual changes created to suit the new people to the area. But that’s just me – and I didn’t even grow up in Cambridge.

The proprietor of the clothing line, Anthony Mosley, created it more out of the need to “represent” and show pride in being a kid from Cambridge. There has been a gap in clothing wear that touts Cambridge for the sake of Cambridge pride. Sure, there is Harvard and MIT wear, but that is for an isolated group of people. And most people tend to wear Boston pride wear, which is not Cambridge.

The clothing line is selling like hotcakes, and the most intriguing thing about that is, they are not sold in stores. You can buy them online or wherever you may find Mosley. But Mosley would like to change that. He is disappointed that the city of Cambridge does not have a robust program, like the one Boston has, to help a new small business owner get up and running in this city. He would like the focus of his business to be, teaching high school students the art of entrepreneurship.