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Anna Rae with the pretty name is a cerebral type musician with an austere exterior, and sweet and supportive soul.

Born in the Upper Midwest and raised in California, Anna Rae migrated to Cambridge seven years ago. At her day-job, she is a strategist for a healthcare company that creates programs, which help people dealing with chronic pain. Rae would rather be living the life of a touring musician, but for now, it is her day-job that funds the life of a working musician, living in Cambridge.

As a solo artist, Rae has recorded her own CD’s and toured with Nashville based Kristen Ford, a “one woman looping band.” Currently, Rae is the bass player and songwriter of a “melodic, song-oriented alternative” band called Hemway. She is also the curator of a multimedia event called “All Together Now.”

Simplistically speaking, “All Together Now” is a variety show, but for Rae it is an opportunity to bring diversity, in all its forms, to the strangely segregated “night out on the town” in the Cambridge/Boston/Somerville area.