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Eddie Poirier's success

Eddie Poirier is probably best known among longtime Cambridge softball players. Anyone who knows anything about softball in New England would know about him. But for those of you who don't, let me tell you about this local legend.

This extremely talented young man started his meteoric rise to playing softball with the National Championship at a little league field named Comeau in North Cambridge. Looking at Eddie playing the game of baseball you knew he was special, as he played defense by making diving stops on balls hit to his left or right. He could run down fly balls, as his speed could only be matched by a gazelle. When Eddie got into the batters box, the opposing defense played deep in the outfield and the infielders were at the beginning of the gross in the outfield. All secretly hoping that the ball would not be hit to them. But Eddie knew what it took to win in sports.Y9ou take what the other team gives you . And if they played him too deep..He would lay down a bunt. When he wasn't playing small ball Eddie could smash extra basehits like they were going out of style. Seldom would anyone have a strong enough arm to throw out at any base.

Moving on, Cantabrigians were so proud when they found out that Eddie was picked up to play for the United States in the World Championships. In one game against New Zealand. Eddie homered to win a game two to one.Edddie played in New Zealand and Canada during his national Career. He played against Darren Zack and other outstanding pitchers . Eddie confided  that Peter Meredith was one of the best pitchers he ever faced.When  Eddie no longer in other parts in the world, he focused on his home town team in Cambridge.He played and pitched for Durmlins who won six consecutive city-wide championships.

What else could Eddie do to keep up his successful career. He took all that he learned psychologically and physically and teach it to the youngsters at different levels of baseball. There was the minor league, the major leagues,and The Babe Ruth organization.

He is and has been as good a teacher of the sport as he was as a player. He played with integrity and passion and brings this with him as he strives to help each and every young player to be the best he or she can be. When asked what would be his best advice to the Little League players he said "have fun, be competitive and work on your skill set. Given all the knowledge and success he has experience, is there any thing that upsets you about todays game.He replied that he is saddened that most times when he drives by the baseball or softball fields , they are empty, but to those who followed Eddie's heroics our hearts are full.