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I must start off by reporting how business like; yet very down to earth Shelley the owner of Albertine Press struck me. Upon entering the establishment I was directed to the rear of the store where there was a huge printing press which Shelley was demonstrating its usage to customers. Shelley and I sat at a table to begin the interview.  must mention her inquisitive and personable daughter, Emily. I asked Shelley how long had she been in business in Inman Square. She replied that she had been here for close to two months. That would make her a start-up, right? No, she had been running her company for many years in Union Square; which was very close to Inman Square!

The longer we talked, I realized how neat and clean as well as very well merchandised the operation was. Within the selling space there was a large section of retail merchandise. This included Stationary desk accessories, paper goods, greeting cards and gift ideas. Shelley informed me that the greeting cards was one her better sellers. These greeting cards were mostly sold for life celebrations such as weddings and specialty occasions including just-a-starts 50th anniversary. For example the printing machines are used frequently for greeting cards as an example. Personal stationary is another category which was very popular in this shop.

The Albertine Press charges about the same as other boutiques. Shelley happily offered that her work here was a labor of love. I asked how did Shelley come up with this idea for a store. Happily she replied that she always wanted to expose the process of how things were made. You couldn't help but notice many books;which were for reference information. Also, there was a large amount of storage cabinets neatly resting on shelves,

As we wrapped up I wondered what were her goals for this business. She wants it to be a creative hub for the community and hopefully to expand.I must say that being in this Albertine Press Shop had my curiousity tested. I can now have a place to have caligraphy printed; business cards professionally done; and being able to shop for the many retail and wholesale items. I wish Shelley and her employees the best of luck and profits for the Albertine Press!!!