“One of Nightlife’s Hometown Heroes”


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DJ Joe Bermudez

DJ Joe Bermudez opened for Madonna at the Boston Garden. Can you imagine that!

The art of the remix and the rise of DJ superstars have baffled me. I have never been quite sure where the genius is in “remixing” someone else’s song, or why a lone fellow with a computer on stage at the Boston Garden may be an appealing show to watch. But local celeb and genuinely nice guy, DJ Joe Bermudez, took the time to inform and educate me on this elusive mystery.

Bermudez is a “DJ” in both senses of the word. In Boston, he works at AMP103.3 WODS, which you may recall was the Boston Oldies station. He has a nationally syndicated show called Mass Movement Radio. Bermudez started his disc jockey career at the age of 18-years-old in Auburn, Maine at KISS FM, an Adult Contemporary radio station. He just walked in off the street and asked for a job. That chutzpah led to, one thing than another and what Bermudez describes as “everything is right place right time, and who you know.”

Reading the discography page on his website is an astounding who’s who of pop superstars, from Lady GaGa, Janet Jackson to Kelly Clarkson. All the opportunities for working with big names in the music industry came from working at radio stations and developing relationships with record label execs and the management of individual stars. Bermudez also keeps an eye out on the local scene looking for singers to collaborate with on his original tracks.

Check out his new release “Ghosting” featuring a local named Megn.