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DJs GalaxZ & Rubix Play Middle East Downstairs at Together 2015

Middle East Downstairs Sign

So you’re a DJ just starting your career in the Cambridge/Boston area. It can be hard to get gigs in the local clubs because there are so many other talented performers around here.

So maybe your first few gigs are at your parents’ party or a friend’s house.

Cambridge Faces + Places: Nadeem Mazen, Danger!Awesome & Nimblebot

Nadeem Mazen discusses his relationship with Cambridge, some of the challenges to young people starting a business, exciting projects he is working on, and his experiences as a city councilor.

Highlights from Together 2015

The ones you wish you hadn't missed

Andy Stott

Andy Stott

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Not for Nothin' Kathryn Fenneman Tutoring Plus

Not for Nothin' Kathryn Fenneman

Susan Fleischmann interviews Kathryn Fenneman, Executive Director of Tutoring Plus, 5-18-2015

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Not for Nothin' Tzu Chi Nepal Relief

Tzu Chi Nepal Relief

Susan Fleischmann interviews Jiuan Ng and Judy Chien from Tzu Chi, an international Buddhist charitable organization about the Nepal earthquake relief efforts on 5-15-2015.

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Spotlight on NeighborMedia Reporter Siobhan Bredin

Learn how her involvement as a citizen journalist has impacted the community

Q: : In what ways do you feel NeighborMedia – and your role as a citizen journalist – has benefited the community?

A: Prior to becoming a NeighborMedia correspondent five or six years ago, I was already active in the arts community, participating in Cambridge Open Studios and in my local neighborhood arts association.

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Don't Mess with Cambridge

Change starts here...

Readers of these pages will remember that earlier this year, we reported that the Kendall Square restaurant Friendly Toast had on its menu a cocktail named “Strange Fruit.”  For those who don’t know, “Strange Fruit” is a song that was written in 1937 about the lynching of African-American men, which was common in the south at that time.  It became a signature of Billie Holiday, who sang mournfully about “Strange Fruit” hanging from the Poplar trees. 

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Together Boston DJs visit CCR

NeighborMedia's Maurice Wilkey talks with two deejays in this years dance fest, who have a Cambridge event planned Friday night.

Maurice Wilkey, aka DJ Mojavi, sits down for an <a href="" title="NeighborMedia">NeighborMedia</a> interview with two djs at this year's <a href="" title="Together Boston Festival">Together Boston Festival</a>, #togetherboston, <a href="