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Don't Mess with Cambridge

Change starts here...

Readers of these pages will remember that earlier this year, we reported that the Kendall Square restaurant Friendly Toast had on its menu a cocktail named “Strange Fruit.”  For those who don’t know, “Strange Fruit” is a song that was written in 1937 about the lynching of African-American men, which was common in the south at that time.  It became a signature of Billie Holiday, who sang mournfully about “Strange Fruit” hanging from the Poplar trees. 

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Together Boston DJs visit CCR

NeighborMedia's Maurice Wilkey talks with two deejays in this years dance fest, who have a Cambridge event planned Friday night.

Maurice Wilkey, aka DJ Mojavi, sits down for an <a href="" title="NeighborMedia">NeighborMedia</a> interview with two djs at this year's <a href="" title="Together Boston Festival">Together Boston Festival</a>, #togetherboston, <a href="

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Dutch Culture, Local Electro-Pop, CLLCTVBOSTON...

And, oh yeah, a GIANT LiteBrite! There was almost - but not quite- too much to do @Together last night.

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35+ Performances, Workshops, and More Still to Go - Together 2015

Halfway Through Together Festival of Music, Art and Technology There's Still Plenty to Enjoy

Together graphic

Have you checked out Together 2015 yet? We're halfway through the Boston Area's only week-long festival of Music, Art and Technology, centered right here in Central Square, and there are still 35+ shows, workshops, all ages events and more from now to Sunday, May 17.

Tonight alone there are four shows from which to choose:

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Bay State Forum with Barbara Anthony, Episode 1: Development

Bay State Forum is a public affairs program produced by Barbara Anthony. In this episode, she talks with Quinton Zondervan from Green Cambridge, Nancy Ryan from the Cambridge Residents Alliance, and Alec Papazian and Esther Hanig from A Better Cambridge.

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96% of Voting Adjunct Faculty Ratify First Union Contract at Lesley University

Adjunct faculty at Lesley University overwhelmingly ratified their first union contract on Tuesday – a three-year agreement that makes significant progress in job and income stability, professional development, and the faculty role in university decisions.

The following is a press release from SEIU Local 509 - The Massachusetts Union for Human Service Workers & Educators.

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As If It Were Already There

New public art on the Greenway

Photo by Mark Jaquith

I know, this isn't in Cambridge. Our stories are supposed to have a Cambridge connection. So why am I writing about a sculpture in Boston by an artist from Brookline that was made in Seattle? Well, I'm in Cambridge and this thing connected with me. I think it's one of the best things to happen in the area this year. It is my latest photographic obsession and I went to the dedication ceremony on Monday May 12, 2015.

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Not for Nothin' The Flagship Computer Clubhouse

Interviews with Non Profit Executive Directors

Susan Fleischmann interviews Gail Breslow, Director of the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, 5-11-2015