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Islamic Society of Boston Invites Indivisible Cambridge Group to Prayer Service

On Friday March 17, members of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) are holding a meet-and-greet with Indivisible Cambridge (IC), a local advocacy group in Cambridge.

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Sign of the Times

Porter Square

Signs going up...

Cambridge is a city of "squares".  If you're new to the area or a traveler passing through, it might be a challenge finding the "downtown" area of the town.  Once you come to grips with the layout, one can appreciate the culture, attitude, and attributes of the many "squares" of Cambridge.  Of course, Harvard Square has been covered in the media lately because of the perceived extinction of it's smaller traditional "mom & pop" style stores that have been around for close to 100 years.

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Veggie Galaxy Serves Vegetarian Varients Of Everyday Dishes

Smack-dab on Massachusetts Avenue lays a vintage style vegetarian diner, Veggie Galaxy, that somehow forgot that people in the '50s ate meat. I decided to eat here to continue my pattern of eating in establishments devoid of meat. I’m still new the idea of meals that aren’t made out of death, and so again I was out of my element.

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Are You Ready to be Expozed?

Cambridge Woman Gives Artists Outlet for Showcasing Talents, Networking

Katiria Pineda-Colon loves the spotlight. From beauty pageants to dance, theater to media, the 26-year-old lover of the arts is accustomed to being on stage and being seen by audiences great and small. Now, this enthusiastic Cambridge Latina is putting the spotlight on other artists whose work may not have a large audience — yet.

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Imprint Your Words on Cambridge

Third Annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest Accepting Submissions Through March 15

sidewalk poetry installation collage

Jazz Riff
I want to write a poem
the way a jazz man
composes on his feet
sways in rhythm
taps a syncopated beat
I want to howl and growl
to a bottleneck slide
pulse with rage and heat
rap a wild wind run
blast injustice to the gutter

-- Molly Lynn Watt, 2016 Sidewalk Poetry Contest Winner

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In The Winter We See Birds' Nests

Nests appear when leaves disappear

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Not for Nothin' - Marc Levy

editor of Cambridge Day talks about the attacks on journalism

Marc Levy, editor of Cambridge Day, talks about the recent attacks on journalism and the need for people to seek out and disseminate the truth. 2-27-2017

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Practice Space

Unique Store in Inman Square

Walking briskly through Inman Square one cold and windy evening, I came across a new and attractive storefront. Eager to know just what this store was representative of, I looked closer to see if I could catch a glimpse. Unfortunately the store (which by the way, had taken the place of a long standing repair shop) was not open.

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C'port Neighborhood Association Meets

Conservation of "Beat The Belt" Mural and other issues discussed at meeting

The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association met at the Central Square Library on Thursday, February 23. CNA President Cathie Zusy told some 30 attendees that the organization has about $40,000 in donations for park renovations at Magazine Beach.

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A Dosage of the Dosa Factory

The first thing I thought upon entering Cambridge’s The Dosa Factory was, “Wait, am I in a grocery store?” I found myself in a small Indian grocery store, after checking that I had the correct address I ventured towards the back of the store and found the restaurant in the back.