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Not for Nothin' - Dr. Constance Lorman Holmes

race and segregation

A discussion with Dr. Constance Lorman Holmes on the extreme segregation of our lives - particularly in the northeast. 4-2-2018

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Huron Animal Hospital

An informative Visit

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Feed the Belly, Feed the Soul

CAMBRIDGE – On Saturday, March 24, On the Rise hosted its fifth annual Empty Bowls Project at Puritan and Co., in Inman Square.

On the Rise is a day shelter in Cambridge that helps homeless and formerly-homeless women. They strive to create a community where women can feel safe, build a sense of community and get the resources they need to move out of homelessness.

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Engendered Opening Reception

CAMBRIDGE – Lesley University Bachelor of Fine Arts students were invited to create and showcase art pieces revolving around the theme of gender and to generate continued dialogue about gender.

The show’s name, Engendered, is a verb defined as giving rise to a feeling, situation or condition. The artists featured took this prompt and created a vast array of pieces from a variety of mediums including clay, photography, video and fabric.

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Tunefoolery Performs

A Night at the Lilypad

To give you a brief understanding of the tunefoolery organization, I will tell you this. The organization which was born in the mid nineties by Theresa Thompson and Jens Rebo at a social club which entertained many Cambridge and Somerville mental health clients. Starting out there were a few pioneers to play at different venues such as nursing homes and mental health facilities.

The organization has grown with scores of entertainers as well as many different instruments.

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Draw Me a Map

At the Chandler Gallery’s Small Works Salon 2018, Cartography Points in New Directions

We begin with a Rand McNally World Atlas. A copper tube twists over, around and through the book, with numerous severed ends poking up through the cover. Like this sculpture, “Maps of Future Pipelines” by Steven Muller, the pieces in the Chandler Gallery’s upcoming “Small Works Salon 2018” encompass, pierce and skewer maps and map-making.

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Photo Walk Brings Local Artists Together

Cambridge is a community where creativity flourishes, but it can be difficult for local artists to find accessible spaces to make art together. Two local photographers sought to change that, and created a weekly photography group dubbed, “Photo Walk Wednesdays.”

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A Sneak Peek inside Dark Room

Bridge Repertory Theater Offers Interactive, Behind-the-Scenes Workshop into Process of World Premiere Play

Bridge Repertory Theater invites play lovers and novices alike to go behind-the-scenes and inside-the-process with an interactive look at the development of Dark Room, a world premiere production inspired by the life, death and photography of Francesca Woodman, featuring a cast of 25 women.

At the sneak peek, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 22, workshop-goers will meet playwright George Brant, director Olivia D'Ambrosio and members of the all-female cast.

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Not for Nothin' - Reverend Irene Monroe

Youth Activism and Gun Control

A discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about youth activism and engagement with politics, Parkland, and the upcoming March for Our Lives. 3-19-2018