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Cherry Blossom in Cambridge

Magazine Beach, Cambridge, MA

Magazine Beach, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is finally blooming! Please check some photos from around North Point park and Magazine Beach Park.

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Cambridge Comforts

Places and spaces for we who are alive and sometimes miserable

The word "Stress" in red capital letters, with many darkened cartoon hands rising up from word.

Isn’t comfort the last thing you think about as you move through your sometimes harsh day? As people bump and squish you on the T? As worry sets in about being late? As your boss puts you in your place and you’d like to grab them by that little piece of vertical flesh between their nostrils (it’s called a columella), pull them to you and scream, “I am not your bread machine!!”?

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MIT Museum's Nautical Day Celebrates Oceanography

In Cambridge, the month of April means scientific workshops, presentations and questions. April 13-22 was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum’s Cambridge Science Festival, in collaboration with the city of Cambridge, and other businesses and organizations in the area. Free and ticketed events were open to the public throughout the week, including Nautical Day at the MIT Museum on April 20.

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The Importance of EMF is Community – Part 1

Sound Museum Rehearsal Complex

Thirty years ago, Des Desmond’s rock band, the Bentmen, needed a rehearsal space to practice their music. In entrepreneurial fashion, Desmond took out a small business loan, leased a building in the South End and built the first Sound Museum Rehearsal Complex, which, as a company is still operational today.

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Cambridge Spring Arts Preview

Eleven new cultural projects in the Port, Cambridge River Festival, and an exhibition exploring in/accessibility

Cambridge Arts Council

I had an opportunity to sit down with Jason Weeks, Executive Director of the Cambridge Arts Council, to hear about some of the amazing arts happening currently and in the future in our fair city. Take a listen the the interview.

Here are just a few highlights:

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Glowing Squid

Margaret McFall-Ngai Lectures on Bioluminescence in Hawaiian Squids

Bobtail squid still courtesy of liquidguru on Vimeo

CAMBRIDGE – The Harvard Museum of Natural History sponsored yet another engaging speaker, Margaret McFall-Ngai, as a part of the annual Cambridge Science Festival.

McFall-Ngai is a professor and director at the Pacific Biosciences Research Center at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and has spent much of her career studying bioluminescence in animals.

This talk focused primarily on the “very cute and charismatic” Hawaiian bobtail squid.

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Not for Nothin' - Reverend Irene Monroe

Living While Black

A discussion with the Reverend Irene Monroe about the perils of Living While Black in the US - police brutality and the code of conduct for people of color.

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Rebecca Toutant


Because diabetes is a chronic disease, it makes perfect sense to discuss it with a well-informed dietician. Just to make it clear; a nutritionist; although knowing a lot does not need any credentials. However to become a dietician one needs a four year degree. They must also have completed a series of experiences. A board exam must also be passed. A residency also must be done. So you could say also that dieticians are nutritionists; but not all nutritionists are dieticians.

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A Cambridge Scribe

Buff is and always will be an accomplished writer who believes that even though one could be a struggling artist, one still must embrace their passion, and Buff certainly does embrace his writing passion. So we sat together to talk about life and how his writing influences that life. Most people have a person place or thing which aspires him. Buff's life was no different. He accepted his inspiration from his third grade teacher when he was a small child.