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Local Aspiring Designer Blends Fashion & Function

Local aspiring designer Eren Kavaas blends fashion and function with her thrifted, recycled, repurposed, and upcycled creations.
By using clothing, materials, and fabrics that may have had a former life, Eren transforms "has been" to "must have" fashion.
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Mummies! Pharaohs! Ancient Treasures!

A Secret Museum Hidden Within Harvard University

Sarcophagus at the Harvard Semetic Museum

I found the Harvard Semitic Museum by accident while walking behind the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. I saw the free admission sign and was surprised by the ancient treasures I found inside. Semitic is the word for languages and cultures of the ancient near east. You can see artifacts from the Israelite, Phoenician, Egyptian, Aramaean, Babylonian, Arab and many more cultures.

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"Bubble Day" Brings Lesley Community Together

Bubbles, Goldfish crackers, lollipops and hula-hoops do not appear to be a recipe for a college event, however, Lesley University’s “Bubble Day” had all that and more available on the Doble quad April 9.

Lesley students Alex Dimauro, senior, and Julia Fagundes, freshman, organized the event with the Office of Student Activities. The two met in fall 2017 when Fagundes joined the women’s Cross Country team, of which Dimauro was team captain.

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Why Cancer is Everywhere - Including in Cacti

Expert Speaks at Harvard on 'Complex Multicellularity'

CAMBRIDGE – Evolutionary biologist Dr. Athena Aktipis from Arizona State University came to the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture to give a talk on her research of trying to treat cancer by using a more evolutionary approach.

Aktipis’ presentation and models, despite them being untraditional has sparked “tremendous and fortunately on-going excitement about evolution and medicine,” said Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowtiz, a professor of medicine at the University of California.

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Not for Nothin' - March for Our Lives

An interview with organizers Anika Nayak and Amalia Hochman

Somerville High School students Anika Nayak and Amalia Hochman discuss the student movement to end gun violence and reform gun control. 4-10-2018

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Powderhouse for Somerville

A Collaborative Living Project for the Elder Years

Reebee Garofalo has lived in the Cambridge/Somerville area since 1970.

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"Prepare for an Emergency?...uh...

N'haw! That's okay, thanks. I'm all set."

"Note to self: Think about maybe getting more of these." Image of battery.


When you think about emergency preparedness, what comes to mind? Jugs of water in your closet? Cans of beans stacked in your kitchen cabinet? A battery-powered radio and flashlights, with extra batteries? A decent, basic first aid kit? Some single-use hand warmers? A heavy coat, in case it’s cold and the heat goes out?

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Honoring Harriet A. Jacobs (1813-1897); Abolitionist, Author, Women's Rights Advocate

2018 Women's History Month Walking Tour honors ten notable women memorialized at Mount Auburn Cemetery, including Harriet A. Jacobs

It seems fitting today, April 3, as we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and mourn the ongoing racial and economic injustice against which he fought, to also honor Harriet A. Jacobs (1813-1897) - abolitionist, author, and women’s rights advocate - who lived in Cambridge for part of her life.

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Stars Are Falling From the Sky

and Landing on Mass Ave. Catch one while you can.

See Cereus, a huge starfish shaped parachute balloon created by Otto Piene.

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Under Construction

Stay Healthy When You Live Near Excavation

Jackhammer being used on city sidewalk.

It happens all over the City, and soon it will start happening to me and my neighbors, right here on Gore Street in East Cambridge. Excavation is being done all down our street to put in a sewer line for North Point (now Cambridge Crossing). This will be closely followed by excavation for a new Eversource gas line. Followed by excavation for a new water main. Followed by jackhammering for replacement of sidewalks. In all, within roughly eighteen months, we will experience four – FOUR!