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Christmas Celebration

Inman Square apartments

The Wednesday before Christmas twas actually December 20th, 2017; and the  Inman Square apartments held their annual Christmas Holiday Party. The management who puts on this gala affair outdoes themselves year after year. The community room located on the top floor of this apartment building was where this festive occasion was held.

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Listening to Cambridge Part 5: Porter Square

Fifth in a series of soundwalks in our fair city

Cambridge Naturals

Twas the day before Christmas 

And all through the Square

People were dashing hither and there

Getting books, toys, and treats

And dinner to share

With family and friends

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VIDEO: Skating into the New Year

Cambridge's Lynch Family Skatepark During Winter Months

Even during winter months, skaters of all ages and levels enjoy Cambridge's Lynch Family Skatepark tucked away at 0 Education St, Cambridge, MA 02141.

As long as temperatures are above freezing and there is no risk of frostbite, skaters say there is no reason not to. On Tuesday, December 19th it was warm enough to skate in a t-shirt.

The park has been open for just over two years now, and has a supportive, friendly vibe for skaters of all levels.

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Up Close and Personal

Citizen Journalist Kristina Kehrer Reveals All

Whether she’s delivering cookies or picking up a camera, Kristina Kehrer is always a welcome presence at CCTV, where she’s been covering Cambridge people, places and perspectives since 2013.

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MIT Students Send Warmth to Syrian Refugees by Self-Designed Sleeping Bags

By Ying Wang / BU News Service

The temperatures can drop to 30 degrees Fahrenheit as snowstorms hit the Middle East. A group of MIT students is working to help refugees with their own version of a survival sleeping bag before this winter comes.

Vick Liu, a finance and political science sophomore, started out with an original idea sketched out on a napkin. Eight months later that inspiration become a line of sleeping bags for Syrian refugees.

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CHRISTOPHER HOPE came to CCTV in november to give us a lesson in podcasting. The first thong he taught us answered the question: What is a podcast? A podcast gives you what you want to do such as interviews, music, a newsreel,sports etc. Before you can begin to podcast there are some supplies which you will need. A usr or analog xlr , most people use a blog, you also of course need a computer. The atmosphere is important in doing your podcast.

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Lady Cop

Deputy Superintendent Pauline Wells

I first laid eyes on DS Wells at the Senior Center in Central Square on election night. I was on the CCTV crew covering the election results, while she, along with the new police Commissioner, Branville G. Bard, Jr and several other police officers were on duty protecting the process.

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Kids-Only! Holiday Sale

An opportunity for school-age children to purchase gifts for family and friends in this safe, supportive, and fun environment.

Our sale features a wide variety of affordable items from peppermills to stuffed animals to holiday cards to eco-friendly wares to handmade crafts created by Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool students.  Proceeds support students enrolled in Agassiz Baldwin Children’s Programs.

The Kids Only! Holiday Sale is at Maud Morgan Arts, 20A Sacramento St., Cambridge.

Saturday, December 16th from 10:00am-1:30pm

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Drawn From Within: Agassiz Baldwin Community and Maud Morgan Arts Staff and Faculty Show

Artwork from Maud Morgan Arts faculty artists and Agassiz Baldwin Community staff members.

Come see the range of paintings, photos, sculptures, prints, drawings and more from artists united by their connection to a community agency. On display through January 11, 2018.

Chandler Gallery

20 Sacramento Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm


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Cambridge Residents Support Bike Safety Initiatives, Encourage Better Planning

A man enters a handicap accessible vehicle parked in a bike lane in front of Skenderian Apothecary on Cambridge Street on Oct. 5. Some city residents have complained the newly installed bike lanes are creating safety concerns for people who use wheelchairs.  (Photo courtesy of Robert Skenderian)

By Remi Duhé and Eve Zuckoff
BU News Service

CAMBRIDGE–An ongoing controversy over bike lanes in Cambridge has made some residents celebrate the new infrastructure, but question the accessibility and safety.