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Mayor Simmons Proclaims August 26 Women’s Equality Day in Cambridge

Honors the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women the right to vote

“Women won the right to vote almost one century ago, and it was a hard-fought victory that only came about due to generations of women activists who refused to accept the status quo of being second-class citizens,” said Mayor E. Denise Simmons. “Yet 97 years after that milestone, we must recognize that there is still so much work to be done in ensuring that women are given the same status, the same respect, and the same opportunities as men in this country.

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Beyond Boston, Ep. 12: The Best of Season One

Enjoy the Best of Beyond Boston Season One (2016-17).

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Middle East Mural Restoration Project

Muralist Dan Golnez Returns to breath new life into this beloved piece of public art!

From an small band made up of an Iranian drummer, a Cuban songstress, and a saxohphonist, to a worker with a jackhammer who, at the time, had been laboring in the basement to build the Middle East Club, to the old African American guy so many in Central Square remember rollerskating around Central Square in his crosswalk attendant's outfit, to the head of a golden bull, and even a group of Vietnamese water puppets (I had to ask what those were) Dan Golnez patiently and lovingly pointed out se

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Old timers baseball game

honoring John Martin

On August 17,2017 there was an old-timer baseball game at St. Peters baseball Park in Cambridge Ma. This event happens every year and is organized by Steve Buckley. Old timer uniforms are worn by the selected young men. From the inaugural game in 1994 to 2017, there are so many people to thank in accordance with the success of this event.

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Welcome to the Farmers Market

fresh food for you

I frequently visit the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge. One place that I always see is a sign introducing the Farmers Market. I promised myself that I would shop there at some point. Finally that point in time arrived. I learned that there is a lot more to the Farmers Market than I had originally thought. My first lesson was that a Farmers Market is where farmers sell their natural products to consumers directly. They set up once or twice a week in many communities.

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Small Works Capture Big Messages

Postcards to Maud at Chandler Gallery through September 7

"Postcards to Maud" is an engaging exhibition and fundraiser for the Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center on Sacramento Street. The premise of the show is that each artist created a 6" by 8" postcard for Maud Morgan, as if they were sending postcards to abstract expressionist and neighborhood resident Maud Morgan (1903-1999).

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Protesters in Harvard Square: Trump Regime is Fascist

A group of opponents of Donald Trump's administration protested at Harvard Square manifesting that this government is a real threat for the country, humanity, and fascist.

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Fight Supremacy!

Boston Counter-Protest & Resistance Rally

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NeighborMedia Facecast: Responding to Trump

The citizen journalism team at has covered numerous stories relating to the election and presidency of Donald John Trump. Find out how the administration and policies of the nation's 45th president have affected these Cambridge residents when you watch the latest #Facecast.

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Cambridge InsideOut with Will Durbin

Learn about the recently ordained Cambridge law on short-term rentals

This episode was broadcast on Aug 15, 2017 at 6:00pm. The guest was Wil Durbin who spoke about the recently ordained Cambridge law on short-term rentals. Host: Robert Winters