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NeighborMedia.org to no Longer be Updated

You can now find us at cctvcambridge.org/news

If you visit NeighborMedia.org regularly, you will no longer find hyperlocal Cambridge news and information updates here. Instead, you can find us at our new home: cctvcambridge.org/news under our new name, CCTV Cambridge News.

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NeighborMedia becomes CCTV Cambridge News

CCTV Citizen Journalism Initiative gets New Name, New Look, New Home

For the past 11 years, NeighborMedia.org has been your home to hyperlocal Cambridge news reported by Cambridge residents who have received their journalistic training through CCTV’s citizen journalism initiative. Indeed, the NeighborMedia program provides multimedia journalism education and support to aspiring community journalists — engaged Cambridge residents who know the value of reporting on and sharing the stories of the people, places, issues and events of their very own neighborhoods.

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Tenth Annual Dance for World Community, Part 2

Celebrate the diverse dance traditions in Cambridge.

There is a long tradition of a family dance in Cambridge. You will learn about the ancient history of dance when you study with Boston Lykeion Ellinidon, a greek dance group. Circle dances are the world's oldest form of dance.

Samba Viva brings the party spirit straight from Brazil, featuring traditional folk and carnival dances.

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Street Photos Around Harvard Square

A Hot Summer Day

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City Dance Party 2018 is today, Friday June 29!

Dancing into Summer - The Cambridge community way!

City of Cambridge Mayor Marc C. McGovern joined Maurice Wilkey on Spring Affair local access show.

Maurice Wilkey, NeighborMedia Journalist

City of Cambridge mayor Marc C. McGovern sat down for a brief interview Monday to discuss the 2018 City Dance Party at Cambridge’s City Hall. City Dance Party happens literally in front of Cambridge’s City Hall building with the abutting streets to city hall, i.e. Bigelow, Inman, Temple and Prospect Streets, closed off of Massachusetts Avenue. View and listen to the interview below this article by clicking on the Youtube screen below.

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Summer Solstice Delights

Green space in Cambridge is a perfect place to celebrate the longest day of the year.


June 21 is the Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year. And what better way to celebrate than strolling through some green space here in our fair city?

I took a long, slow walk around one of the places in my neighborhood of North Cambridge to enjoy the abundance of ponds, trees, flowers, and tall grasses.

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Leavitt & Peirce

If These Walls Could Talk

Leavitt & Peirce may just be the oldest small business in Cambridge. Located in its original location since 1883, this tobacco and cigar shop has withstood the whims of time, while accruing the historical content of Harvard Square’s distinguished past.

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Students Advocate for Sexual Assault Survivors

In recent months, social movements such as #MeToo and “Time’s Up,” have rocked mainstream media. Survivors of sexual assault are speaking out about their experiences, and are demanding change and justice. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, approximately 11 percent of all college students will experience physical or sexual assault on campus. Lesley University junior Katya Zinn is taking the issue of combating on-campus sexual assault into her own hands.

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Jose Mateo Ballet presents the 10th Annual Dance for World Community

Celebrate the diversity of Cambridge through dance. Follow me as I explore what it means to be a part of a dance community.

Dance'n Feet

I am a lifelong dancer and resident of Cambridge for 17 years. I have been lucky to be a part of some amazing dance communities. For me, the word community means family. The best dance teachers create a family of dancers. Most dancers will spend months of hard work and sweat on a routine. What we get out of it is friendship, and the excitement to perform for the festival.

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Mosquitos!!! Bzzzzzzing...stingggg.....SMACK!

Mosquito Bite and Population Control for Comfort and Health

Oh, how the warm spring weather lures us into the great outdoors! We are drawn to the woods, to the aromatic blooming [bzzzzsssning, smack! Sorry for the interruption] of the deep outdoors, or to the evening hanging out on a porch [bzzzzzing – smack! Sorry, again! For the interruption!] with friends. So warm…so peaceful! So greatly free of winter’s constrictions and burdens. So comforted by the long, long days. So…so…beset.