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Protesters in Harvard Square: Trump Regime is Fascist

A group of opponents of Donald Trump's administration protested at Harvard Square manifesting that this government is a real threat for the country, humanity, and fascist.

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Fight Supremacy!

Boston Counter-Protest & Resistance Rally

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NeighborMedia Facecast: Responding to Trump

The citizen journalism team at has covered numerous stories relating to the election and presidency of Donald John Trump. Find out how the administration and policies of the nation's 45th president have affected these Cambridge residents when you watch the latest #Facecast.

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Cambridge InsideOut with Will Durbin

Learn about the recently ordained Cambridge law on short-term rentals

This episode was broadcast on Aug 15, 2017 at 6:00pm. The guest was Wil Durbin who spoke about the recently ordained Cambridge law on short-term rentals. Host: Robert Winters

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Cambridge InsideOut with School Commitee Candidate Fran Cronin

This episode was broadcast on Aug 15, 2017 at 5:30pm. The guest was School Committee candidate Fran Cronin. Host: Robert Winters

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Bee In The City

With Josh and Dennis

I know of two beehives in my neighborhood, which is good considering the buzz on bees is they are in danger of extinction.

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El hombre con la mejor memoria del mundo visitó MIT

Trabajó veinte años en un fábrica de acero y a sus 49 años revolucionó su vida cuando comenzó a entrenar su memoria

¿Te imaginas tener la capacidad de recordar una gran cantidad de datos? Así lo ha logrado, Jim Karol, un hombre de Pensilvania, Arlington, EE.UU. Cuando era pequeño no mostró ningún signo de genialidad y la escuela no fue su mejor época. De hecho, tuvo que estudiar varios veranos para poder graduarse. Después, pasó 20 años trabajando en una fábrica de acero.  

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The Man with the 'Best Memory in the World' Visited MIT

Jim Karol worked at a steel mill for 20 years, but when he turned 49 his life changed when he started to train his memory

Jim Karol, the man with the "best memory in the world," visits MIT in Cambridge to talk about training the brain.

Could you imagine having an amazing capacity that stores lots of information in your brain? This is what Jim Karol, a man from Pensylvania, achieved. When he was young he didn't demonstrate any sign of this ability. Actually, he had a hard time at school, and to get his diploma he needed extra work. Later, he started working at a steel mill factory for 20 years.

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Listening to Cambridge - Part 2: Central Square

Second in a series of soundwalks in different neighborhoods in our fair city

Central Square soundwalk map

I chose Central Square as a setting for my second in this series of Cambridge Soundwalks. Compared to my first one in North Cambridge , this has a lot more "human" sounds.

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A Crash Course in Bicycle Safety?

Cambridge City Council Meeting Hears Pros and Cons on Bike Lanes

Bike parking on Brattle Street

This past Monday, August 8th, I attended the Special City Council Meeting in the Attles room at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. With nowhere left to sit down unless one considered the floor an option, (and some did) I listened to a stream of comments offered by Cambridge residents, and people who work in Cambridge who also ride bicycles to get to work, to shop, for exercise, and recreation in Cambridge.